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TAC 簡介

70 年代後的藝術型態已經從實體的物質堆裡跨越到了當代觀念的藍圖,打破了傳統藝術的執著,保有強烈構思的自主性。而TAC的成立是抱持此觀念,在展覽策畫、藝術經紀、出版等範疇裡疊構出一個深刻的「展」・「觀」記憶,使觀賞者能體會出一個展覽的深度與作品閱讀的厚度,這是我們公司重要的志業與使命。TAC秉持對攝影的熱忱,將持續主辦台北藝術攝影博覽會,及各大藝文活動,積極推動攝影藝術的發展,希望未來活動能輸出至其他國家,提升台灣攝影產業的能見度。


2017 台北藝術攝影博覽會 / 華山1914文創園區東二四連棟

2016 台北藝術攝影博覽會 / 華山1914文創園區東二四連棟

2015 台北藝術攝影博覽會 / 華山1914文創園區東二四連棟

2015  《異景-虛擬地景的原貌》/ 臺北市立社會教育館

2014  台北藝術攝影博覽會 / 華山1914文創園區東二四連棟

2014  台灣人體藝術攝影大展 / 華山1914文創園區中四B

2013  台北藝術攝影博覽會 / 台北花博爭豔館

About TAC

Funded by renowned contemporary photography artist, Hooi-Wah Suan, the TAC (Taiwan Art Connection), is a leading photography exhibition design firm located in Taiwan, joined by leading artists, curator and design team of the photography art industry serving clients across Asia, North America, and Europe in curating innovative photography exhibitions in Asia region. Over the years, TAC and its professional team have successfully aided the development of photography art in Asia by organizing numerous international photography exhibitions, including annual TAP (Taipei Art Photo), an international photography art exposition with a strong communicational platform for gallery, artist and photo-related institution to present their art to both general and professional viewers in Asia. In addition, we also offer our expertise by assisting our client in counseling, organizing, applying and executing: photo-related project, government commission project or large exposition in the renowned museums or professional exhibition space in Asia countries. We also serve as an agent for photo-based art, assisting out clients to marketing their artwork for potential collectors as well as publishing or showcasing photo-based art books in book exhibition for Asia market.

Curatorial Project:

2017 《Taipei Art Photo》, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan.

2016 《Taipei Art Photo Show》, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan.

2015 《Taipei Art Photo Show》, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan.

2015 《Visionary Landscape》, Taipei City Arts Promotion Office, Taiwan.

2014 《Taipei Art Photo Show》, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan.

2014 《Taiwan Nude Photography》, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan.

2013 《Taipei Art Photo Show》, Taipei Expo Park, Taiwan.