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2018 台北藝術攝影博覽會


台北藝術攝影博覽會TAIPEI ART PHOTO(TAP)為亞洲最大的攝影博覽會之一,不僅是眾多精采攝影作品齊聚的藝術盛會,也是台灣攝影向國際發聲的重要舞台。台北藝術攝影博覽會從開創以來持續反應民眾對攝影的高度矚目及肯定,每年吸引眾多媒體關注、數萬參觀人潮及百萬作品銷售的契機。







Taiwan Art Connection/執行長



2018 TAP 當代藝術攝影與青年潛力特區展位網路申請:

2018 TAP 攝影書和攝影文創區網路申請:


2018 TIVAC 攝影獎:  或 

紙本申請資料請至 下載區 下載—> (即將開放)


2018 Taipei Art Photo

Organized by TAC (Taiwan Art Connection), a leading photography exhibition design firm in Taiwan, the annual TAP (Taipei Art Photo), has become a sensation for photography art in Asia. Since its debut in 2013, the TAP creates phenomenon that receives extensive media coverage and attracts over 20,000 visitors each year, including numerous art collectors, critics and curators from the profession photography field. Over the years, the TAP has quickly becoming an essential platform for international photography art, features numerous exhibitors joined by international acclaimed artists, leading photography-based galleries and photo-related institutions across Asia, Europe and North America.

The TAP employs innovative exhibition strategy by uniting artists, galleries and photo-related institutions together in an exposition to create a dynamic social network that strengthen the linkage and development of photography art. The TAP is an excellent platform for artist, gallery or institute to showcase their art to potential buyers.

Each year, the TAP aims to cultivate new level of professionalism by feature outstanding photo art of Asia, North America, and Europe contemporary photography artists in Contemporary Art Photo exhibition. The TAP also tries to aid young artists by introducing their art in Young Art Portfolio exhibition. In addition, the exposition also promotes the development of photography art by offering TIVAC Photography Award to talented emerging artists as well as hosting Photo Forum to promote academic discourse among the profession of photography art. The TAP also features Creative Booth presenting various creative products and new applications of photo industry. The TAP is not just an exposition of photography art; it is on a mission to unite the photography, the galleries, the artists, the industry and the public together in the stream of photography art trend.


Exhibition Program:

  • Contemporary Art Photo
  • Young Art Portfolio
  • Creative Booth
  • TIVAC Photography Award
  • Photo Forum

Hooi-Wah Suan

Taipei Art Photo/ Director

Taiwan Art Connection/CEO


2018 TAP Contemporary Art Photo & Young Art Portfolio online application:

2018 TAP Creative Booth online application:

2018 TIVAC Photography Award application form:   or 

The TAP application form is available at Download area—> (will soon be available)